Acorn Active Media provides a variety of services to organizations working broadly on global justice and Internet freedom issues. Below is a list of current and past projects that we have sponsored, developed, or hosted.

The project provides low-Cost Community Webhosting, Internet Communications, and IT services. is founded on three basic notions:

  • to make available low-cost but wide-ranging web hosting services to the non-profit and independent business community
  • to provide web hosting agreements that are not bundled with services that go largely under- or un-utilized and that inflate the cost of the service
  • to offer such low-cost service by allowing clients to self-administer their sites and services, without worrying about basic server and Internet connection maintenance and administration.

The Acorn Active Media Foundation provides shared infrastructure and IT services to

UC Mini Makerfaire and Makerspace Urbana

Makerspace Urbana is a maker/hacker space in Urbana, Illinois. Providing the community with tools, expertise, a shared space to use them in, and cooperative programming with other community institutions, Makerspace Urbana is dedicated to enabling the blend of arts, humanities, science and technology. Our mission is to provide an open community lab where people of diverse backgrounds can learn, teach, tinker, collaborate, share, innovate, socialize, and create.

The Acorn Active Media Foundation has supported Makerspace Urbana by sponsoring their annual Mini Makerfaire.