Sascha Meinrath

Sascha Meinrath Sascha Meinrathis board president of the Acorn Active Media Foundation and is a vice president of the New America Foundation and director of the Open Technology Institute (OTI), where he leads efforts to advance policy and regulatory reforms that protect an open and free Internet, safe communications, and promote competition in mobile and wireline telecommunications. An unapologetic advocate for consumers and a counterweight to the major telecom and wireless industry lobbyists in Washington, Sascha has also been described as a “community Internet pioneer” and an “entrepreneurial visionary.”

Josh King

Josh King Josh Kingis the treasurer of the Acorn Active Media Foundation. As the Lead Technologist for the Open Technology Institute at New America Foundation, Josh draws on his years of experience performing technology work at non-profit organizations to develop and implement free and open source software and hardware, keep abreast of emerging technologies and related initiatives throughout the world, evaluate and interpret a wide range of published information on future trends for telecommunications and media, and support the research infrastructure of an open Internet.

Chris Ritzo

Chris Ritzo Chris Ritzois the secretary of the Acorn Active Media Foundation. Mr. Ritzo provides technical support, communications, web development, content strategy, information architecture and project management at the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation, as a Senior Technologist. Chris’ past work includes media communications for the rural electric cooperatives of Illinois, community access television, technical support and systems administration for grassroots independent media organizations, and web-development, project and information management, teaching and training in the higher ed and K12 sectors.